To help drive more value from data, we have integrated our Veracity imaging software with market-leading analytic toolsets to deliver the most advanced insight into your operations. Proven and trusted, the system delivers exceptional 24/7 performance for crime detection and prevention across a wide range of security, surveillance, asset tracking and law enforcement scenarios.

Advance with analytics

Supports a wide range of features such as real-time convoy analysis, cloned plate analysis, cellsite analysis, geographic analysis and predictive analysis.

Visualise your data

Live maps offer instant visual realisation of the key data most relevant to your requirements, making it possible to easily:

• Track vehicle movements
• Plot ANPR reads
• View heat maps
• Analyse deployment hotspots
• Implement live alerts from nearby ANPR cameras to operators
• Update status and alert responses for incident and asset management
• Enable mobile intel vehicle checking
• Integrate data feeds with your other key data management suites
• Maintain highly secure device management from your back office
• Monitor ANPR cameras and check reads live via a secure web interface over 4G VPN and secure WiFi

Benefit from big data

Designed for reliability and resilience in the most demanding conditions, supporting 1000s of users and ingesting more than 50 million reads per day these systems have accumulated millions of operational hours across over 30 UK law enforcement agencies.

Enhance your mission-critical ANPR

Approved for use in IL3 certified cloud environments and available on the G-CLOUD 6 Framework, our solutions can support high-demand, mission-critical ANPR with zero risk and near zero local IT requirements.

For more information on law enforcement and advanced analytic solutions, please phone +44 (0) 1204 216162 or email [email protected].