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4Sight’s ground-breaking technology is now helping in the battle to drive anti-social behaviour by motorists off the road.

We have supplied PTZ (pam, tilt and zoom) cameras with vehicle surveillance software to Bolton Council to assist in the local authority’s now statutory obligation to make the town’s roads safer.

4Sight is in the vanguard of advanced ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology, with our systems already widely used in car park management and on automatic toll roads across Europe.

However, managing director Brook Jackson said that, particularly for road safety, combining PTZ camera technology with ANPR and other vehicle surveillance capabilities had significant advantages and local authorities such as Bolton were keen to work with 4Sight to explore this approach.

“We’ve installed cameras at four locations in Bolton,” said Brook. “It’s part of an experiment to see how we can support the council in its attempts to boost road safety.

“Councils now have a statutory responsibility to make their roads safer. Our cameras can detect cars which are driven irresponsibly, such as excessive speeding, reckless driving and box junction encroachment, in highly populated areas.

“I applaud the ambition of Bolton Council in leading the challenge to use this technology for such a positive purpose.”

Other councils are also showing interest in the advantages 4Sight Imaging’s technology can offer, said Brook.

As well as highway surveillance, car park management and automated toll booths, other applications of 4Sight’s technology are for automatic optical inspection on manufacturing production lines and in the defence industry.

Alliances with several northern based partners has led Brook to embark on a recruitment drive as his and the technology sector emerges from the Covid pandemic.

These include multi-faceted computer systems company Nimans, based in Manchester and Oprema, a premier security sector distributor in the UK, both of whom are using 4Sight Imaging technology as the mainline supplier for all of its ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) needs.

Meanwhile, security systems integrator White Rose Security, based in Mexborough, Yorkshire, and which specialises in the installation of ANPR solutions is also on board with 4Sight Imaging’s technology and we are delighted to be working with them.

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