Technological Ingredients

Veracity  Industry leading automated vehicle identification:

  • Detection
  • Tracking
  • ANPR
  • Vehicle type classification
  • Make/model/colour recognition
  • Missing plate detection


Secure & visually aware very large-scale data storage, analysis and retrieval system for operation up to national scale.


Secure & very large-scale applications server for wide range of highway and vehicle centric applications (e.g. pedestrian/cycle/stationary vehicle safety monitoring, parking control, entry/exit control, instantaneous and average speed, criminal behaviour pattern analysis etc.)

Process Anomaly Detection:

Tool kit for user integrated automated optical inspection systems from COTS hardware

AI2 (Autonomous Image Interpretation):

Core, patent protected appearance modelling technology available as an SDK for vision system developers

Contract Research and Development:

We undertake significant (sometimes multi-year) customer & Government funded Research & Development.