Delivered in partnership with transport systems specialists, our car park management solutions offer multiple time and cost-saving services for commercial car park owners and users alike. Modular software systems offer the flexibility, features and functionality to support numerous pricing models and usage profiles, eliminating the need for tickets and barriers. Web-based management reduces the administrative burden, while hosted and cloud-based servers guarantee redundancy.

Automate access

Our solution enables intelligent kiosks to be installed at car park entrance and exit points to minimise driver delays. Rules can easily be set up for season tickets, long-term access, pre-paid access, memberships and other types of access. Kiosks can also be configured for all current payment methods and future-proofed for new payment technologies.

Personalise signage

Personalising messages to specific drivers makes it easy to direct vehicles to particular car park locations, provide warnings or share vital information via tailored displays on digital signage screens. This can both improve the driver experience while maximising car park efficiency.

Eliminate barriers

Car park barriers can be eliminated by combining vehicle identification with flexible ticket management systems. If barriers are required for other reasons, further authentication and access control measures can be tailored to specific vehicle identities.

Manage payments

Our flexible ticket management system can dramatically streamline car park payment processes while supporting multiple charging models and meeting all regulatory requirements. The system can be easily configured to issue tickets, track progress, generate reminders and add surcharges for late payment. Drivers can make card payments online and, increasingly, via mobile devices.

Ensure legal compliance

Comprehensive reporting features enable car park operators to monitor activity, generate detailed reports, capture essential data to safeguard their operations against error when drivers want to dispute their tickets and ensure full legal compliance.

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