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By integrating Veracity, our ground breaking ANPR software engine, with full-HD network cameras and best-of-breed technology partner software applications, 4Sight end-to-end solutions address a wide range of security, surveillance and operational challenges.

Access Control

Integrating with leading access control software systems, Veracity allows organisations to accurately and cost-effectively automate the identification and authentication of vehicles and drivers across corporate estates. From stand-alone single lane to multi-lane / multi-site installations, Features include whitelist / hotlist import and time-based barrier control, with the option to add messaging gateways to create automated notifications to facilities users and supervisors.

Car Park Management

Commercial car park owners and operators, can now support flexible pricing models and usage profiles, eliminating the need for tickets and barriers. Web based management reduces the administrative burden, while hosted and cloud-based services guarantee redundancy. Veracity’s 13 meter wide field of view and free flow tracking technology negates the need for traditional expensive and disruptive traffic routing schemes whilst retaining accuracy, increasing revenue and reducing costs.


Networked ANPR Analytics

Driving more value from data, Veracity integrates with marketing leading ANPR analytic toolsets to deliver the most advanced insight into law enforcement, security, organised retail crime and surveillance operations. Features include real-time alerting and event mapping, convoy, geographic and predictive analysis with comprehensive collaboration, intelligence and reporting tools. Designed for maximum reliability and resilience, these analytic toolsets are utilised daily by 1000’s of users in both the private and government sector, processing more than 50 million reads per day accumulating millions of operational hours.

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