Applications and Solutions

Highway Surveillance

  • Vehicle detection & tracking, point speed and time over distance average speed measurement
  • Automated licence plate reading, licence plate locale recognition
  • Vehicle type classification, visual make/model/colour recognition
  • Cycle/pedestrian detection, counting & tracking
  • Back-office vehicle movement & detection pattern analysis and mining tools operating up to national scale

Stationary Vehicle Detection


Object recognition


Multi Lane ANPR


Highway Surveillance


Complex highway scene understanding


AOI for Manufacturing Process Quality Control

  • Automated assembly inspection
  • Automated component defect inspection
  • Surface defect detection

Wire bond inspection for hybrid circuit manufacture – showing all circuits.

Wire bond inspection for hybrid circuit manufacture – zoomed in.

Automated Video Quality Measurement & Control

  • Leveraging improved capabilities from legacy camera infrastructure
  • Enabling surveillance outcomes in highly compromised contexts
  • Intelligent control to reduce power budgets in battery powered video equipment, while maintaining high quality surveillance outputs
  • Adaptive control to compensate for variable weather, bandwidth and processor conditions, while sustaining high capability surveillance

Infrared and visual fused video of a battlefield scene during military manoeuvres.

Automatically controlled enhanced video in “window” to improve visualisation of targets.