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Intelligent automated inspection solutions

Leveraging over ten years expertise of imaging science, our Autonomous Imaging Interpretation (AI2) is a proven and established automated inspection engine that ensures product quality during the manufacturing process. Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) equipment incorporating AI2 used in manufacturing lines offers a high performance solution that visually inspect products for defects and tightly controls the manufacturing process to reduce the incidence of manufacturing failure rates.
Offering customers competitive advantage by ensuring they get their products right first time, AOI features:
• A wide operating window to ensure operation in hazardous shop floor environments
• Fast and easy deployment with low maintenance requirements
• Industry-leading image quality and processing power
• Ease of operation through an intuitive user interface

Used in production and assembly lines across the Surface Mount Technology industry, AOI is benefiting customers across the globe by:
• Providing a high performance and cost effective method of implementing automatic process control and quality assurance
• Supporting compliance with Six Sigma and lean manufacturing standards
• Strengthening competitive advantage through advanced quality control and reduced manufacturing failure rates
• Delivering a fast return on investment and low cost of ownership

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