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About Us


Founded in 2004, 4Sight Imaging develops and applies patented imaging technology to deliver automated visual solutions that solve many challenges faced by many organizations across their security, manufacturing and defence operations.

High performance industrial inspection

Embedded in a range of advanced automated optical inspection products, our Autonomous Image Interpretation (AI2) engine ensures the product quality of circuit boards during the manufacturing process to improve the reliability of digital and electronic products for business and consumers worldwide.

Security surveillance in extreme conditions

Through our research work 4Sight Imaging is dramatically improving the display of highly compressed transmitted video from radically and rapidly changing environments to transform surveillance across international borders and other vast and remote high security environments.

High performance, plug-and-play number plate recognition

Leveraging over ten years imaging science, 4Sight Imaging has designed and packaged the most progressive yet intuitive Automated License Plate Recognition solution available in the market today. Simple to deploy and operate, Veracity utilises next generation IP cameras, solid state lighting and leading image analysis technologies to deliver industry-leading accuracy over a wide range of operating conditions to enhance security and surveillance, improve profitability and drive operational efficiencies.

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