Advanced Image Analysis Technology

Continually investing in research & development, to create the platforms and technology for dealing with important and challenging real-world visual problems

Highway Surveillance

  • Vehicle detection & tracking, point speed and time over distance average speed measurement
  • Automated licence plate reading, licence plate locale recognition
  • Vehicle type classification, visual make/model/colour recognition
  • Cycle/pedestrian detection, counting & tracking
  • Back-office vehicle movement & detection pattern analysis and mining tools operating up to national scale

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for Manufacturing Process Quality Control

  • Advanced Image Interpretation methods to detect defects in products produced in high volume, flexible manufacturing environments as well as in highly specialised low volume applications
  • Applications for real-time process defect detection
  • SDK for system builders and developers

Automated Video Quality Measurement & Control

  • Technology which automatically adjusts video quality in real time to enable manual and automated observers to leverage maximal intelligence from video streams badly degraded by weather, camera/processor/bandwidth limitations
  • Available as SDK for system builders, and as applications for system integrators

Who we work with

Here is a demonstration that we recently conducted to test the range of accurate LP reads in darkness using IR - The results were staggering! 👏
- 3 Lanes of +70mph traffic up to 140m using a 4K camera with IR in the dark
- 3 Lanes of +70mph traffic up to 84m using a 2MPcamera ^

A series of alliances with new partners in the fast-growing surveillance sector using advanced CCTV technology have put 4Sight on the road to expansion.
Nimans Oprema Ltd WRS Solutions
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We are based in Bolton, in the north of England! It's famous for its cotton spinning mills and textile industry! An internet-based survey once carried out by the British Society for the Advancement of Science put us top for
warmth, care and consideration.

4Sight Imaging offers to work with technology partners to make the UK’s growing smart motorway network safer. This follows 44 deaths on the network in the last five years and a Sheffield coroner’s ruling that the system on the M1 was a contributory factor in the deaths of two men

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