Advanced Image Analysis Technology

Continually investing in research & development, to create the platforms and technology for dealing with important and challenging real-world visual problems

Highway Surveillance

  • Vehicle detection & tracking, point speed and time over distance average speed measurement
  • Automated licence plate reading, licence plate locale recognition
  • Vehicle type classification, visual make/model/colour recognition
  • Cycle/pedestrian detection, counting & tracking
  • Back-office vehicle movement & detection pattern analysis and mining tools operating up to national scale

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for Manufacturing Process Quality Control

  • Advanced Image Interpretation methods to detect defects in products produced in high volume, flexible manufacturing environments as well as in highly specialised low volume applications
  • Applications for real-time process defect detection
  • SDK for system builders and developers

Automated Video Quality Measurement & Control

  • Technology which automatically adjusts video quality in real time to enable manual and automated observers to leverage maximal intelligence from video streams badly degraded by weather, camera/processor/bandwidth limitations
  • Available as SDK for system builders, and as applications for system integrators

Who we work with

Over-Watch is a platform that continues to evolve - We are constantly developing and enhancing our Artificial Intelligence techniques to improve and add more bespoke detection and alerting capabilities to our systems.

May is #NationalWalkingMonth ! Walk to School or Work - National Walking Month is a great way to leave your car at home, get outside and get fit by walking to and from school. If school or work is too far, try walking part of the way instead.

Even in almost total darkness using Infra-Red, the system works just as well! We can also compare licence plates against millions of reads in thousands of 3rd part databases in milliseconds to alert on Intelligence held on vehicles which are very useful for law enforcement 👮

We are so proud to be based in BOLTON, northwest England. Have you ever visited? There are so many fun things to do here this summer. We even made a list!

- Bolton Steam Museum
- Queens Park
- Wander around Bolton Market
- Marvel at the town hall
- Doffcocker Lodge for a walk.

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