Advanced Image Analysis Technology

Continually investing in research & development, to create the platforms and technology for dealing with important and challenging real-world visual problems

Highway Surveillance

  • Vehicle detection & tracking, point speed and time over distance average speed measurement
  • Automated licence plate reading, licence plate locale recognition
  • Vehicle type classification, visual make/model/colour recognition
  • Cycle/pedestrian detection, counting & tracking
  • Back-office vehicle movement & detection pattern analysis and mining tools operating up to national scale

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for Manufacturing Process Quality Control

  • Advanced Image Interpretation methods to detect defects in products produced in high volume, flexible manufacturing environments as well as in highly specialised low volume applications
  • Applications for real-time process defect detection
  • SDK for system builders and developers

Automated Video Quality Measurement & Control

  • Technology which automatically adjusts video quality in real time to enable manual and automated observers to leverage maximal intelligence from video streams badly degraded by weather, camera/processor/bandwidth limitations
  • Available as SDK for system builders, and as applications for system integrators

Who we work with

LOOKING FOR VERACITY? We have Industry-leading automated vehicle identification which includes:


Here is a demonstration that we conducted to test the range of accurate LP reads in darkness using IR – The results were staggering! 📸

We have three facets to our business;
- Automated Industrial inspection – ANPR
- We are also a Defence Contractor
- Over-Watch - our cutting edge ANPR technology with groundbreaking analytics

We take part in contract research and development: undertaking in significant (sometimes multi-year) customer & Government-funded Research & Development.

We do this to ensure our software is always industry-leading and top of the range.

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