Advanced Image Analysis Technology

Continually investing in research & development, to create the platforms and technology for dealing with important and challenging real-world visual problems

Highway Surveillance

  • Vehicle detection & tracking, point speed and time over distance average speed measurement
  • Automated licence plate reading, licence plate locale recognition
  • Vehicle type classification, visual make/model/colour recognition
  • Cycle/pedestrian detection, counting & tracking
  • Back-office vehicle movement & detection pattern analysis and mining tools operating up to national scale

Automatic Optical Inspection (AOI) for Manufacturing Process Quality Control

  • Advanced Image Interpretation methods to detect defects in products produced in high volume, flexible manufacturing environments as well as in highly specialised low volume applications
  • Applications for real-time process defect detection
  • SDK for system builders and developers

Automated Video Quality Measurement & Control

  • Technology which automatically adjusts video quality in real time to enable manual and automated observers to leverage maximal intelligence from video streams badly degraded by weather, camera/processor/bandwidth limitations
  • Available as SDK for system builders, and as applications for system integrators

Who we work with

4Sight Imaging is an agile and growing imaging sciences technology company based in Bolton Greater Manchester!

This summer has been absolutely beautiful so far! We are in LOVE with the sunshine we are having up here in Bolton 😎

August is #RoadTrafficVictimMonth 🙏

This day focuses on both the overall scale and the individual devastation caused by road deaths and injuries and the impact upon families and communities around the world.

This month we will continue to spread awareness for this day ❤️

Did you know it's #AfternoonTeaWeek ?? This week we celebrate the great British tradition of Afternoon Tea which is the perfect excuse to catch up with loved ones over a cup of tea and some expertly created treats!

Planning some lovely walks this summer? We have put together some of our favourite strolls around the beautiful countryside surrounding Bolton!⠀

- Wayoh Reservoir (pictured)⠀
- Belmont Reservoir, not far from the centre of Bolton!⠀
- Forest of Bowland,
- Rivington Pike⠀

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